Painting the Pink Rose - Part Two - Adding Water Drops

Here are a few shots of the water droplets I'm starting to add to the rose petal and the color palette I am using.

Basically light is refracting in the little water bubble on the petals, I start off with painting a dark ring base that acts as the shadow of the drop, then I'm adding white, while the layer of the petal is still wet, I'm able to mix the white just a bit within the drop. I add a darker shade opposite of the shadow underneath, blending as I go, then add a tiny reflection of pure white onto the drop. Each drop is a little different than the other. I then blend the shadow slightly with the petal color.  For the drops that are on the underside of the one inner petal in the upper right, I add a touch of white and then blend that with the petal color. The brightness of the waterdroplets on the underside of that petal can be seen through the partly translucent petal.


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