Painting the Pink Rose

It's been a wonderfully busy art-filled week!

I'm currently working on several oil paintings on various subjects. I just finished my painting of the Helio Courier and that is currently drying and is waiting to be framed. I also have a painting of a garden statue in the works. That painting is a little more involved and there's a good amount of foliage to create in the foreground and background. Then there's a painting of Grizzly Falls in California that I want to paint and I've already sketched out in charcoal and will soon start creating the underpainting for it. I'll post about that progress in another blog post. Oh! and I do have one more larger painting that I'll talk more about in yet another blog post.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I'm also working on a small 8x10 study of a pink rose - the real subject of this particular post.

As as was watering some of our flowers a few weeks ago, I noticed that the little droplets forming on them looked beautiful in the sunlight and I wanted to capture that in a small little study. I may develop that into a larger painting.

Here are some of my photos of the pink rose with the water droplets.

(click on images to enlarge)

And here are the beginning sketches of the little pink rose

And now my continued work on the small 8x10 oil study. I start to block in the basic colors after doing a burnt umber underpainting. 

The weave in this canvas panel is pretty heavy, but considering this is just a color study, I'm fine with it. If I develop this into a larger painting, I'll definitely work with smoother substrate textures.

Below is where I'm at as of 8/19/2019. I'm deepening the tones of the colors here, paying attention to the subtle shifts in values. I'd also like to try to replicate the slight subsurface scattering or translucency that I see in the petals.


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