Huntington Beach, CA -- Wave Studies Part 02

Continuing onward with my pencil studies for a large 48" x 36" oil painting. I'm experimenting with different wave structures. I'll also do a study on the foamy froth of bubbles that come up onto the shore. As the view recedes into the distance, I'll have a couple of surfers in the background - I don't think I ever saw a day at Huntington Beach, CA (Surf City USA) without surfers. Even in the dark, at 5 AM they were out there just as we were getting there to set up for our sculptures. The thing I had to watch out for when I collected water is not to step on any sting rays, so I had to do the shuffle when going out into the surf.

Wave details
Working with Palomino Blackwing pencils.

Working with Tombow Mono Zero Micro erasers and a Sakura  Electric Eraser (not shown)


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