Huntington Beach, CA -- Wave Studies Part 03

I'm almost done with this little pencil study, I have a few more studies I want to produce before heading into the big painting. I may not finish the background with the Pier, as I'm really focusing on the waves, I would like to finish the wave in the background though and just leave it at the waves.

In the next image, I've finished the first small study of some of the wave action that I'm researching for the large oil painting I'll be starting on soon. These are the smaller waves that are near the pier where my boys and I would play after a hard day's work helping build our sand sculptures for hours. The water depth here is about four feet, and the waves here are small, about 1-2 feet. Now to do just a few more small studies in pencil, the next study will be some of the frothy foam that comes up to the shore. You can see Huntington Beach Pier just to the left and then barely visible, depending on the weather you can barely make out Santa Catalina Island. I'm working on the full time-lapse video now and will post that when complete.

Completed Waves Study in pencil


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