Huntington Beach, CA -- Wave Studies Part 01

I am drawing a few small studies for my Beach painting that I'm working on.
The final painting will be a large 48" x 36" but I'm sketching out a few ideas first on paper.

In this part, I'm starting on one study with some wave action near the Huntington Beach Pier. I'm using my own photos I took years ago as references, but I'm not relying on just one photo, but in fact several of them.

Because my "canvas" is 48" x 36" it's not a wide format scene, I'm working on composing an idea of having the surf come right up to the viewer of the painting, with all the bubbly foam coming right toward the viewer. The idea I want is for the eye to move up the painting. Looking past this, toward the middle of the painting, I'm envisioning some light waves where kids are playing and then in the distant, moving toward the top of the painting, I'm thinking of some surfers waiting for and catching a few waves. Huntington Beach is known as "Surf City USA" so there's always surfers out there near the pier, even on the coldest days. Especially when the wave action is good.

I'm envisioning a sunny day, around noon when the sun is high, and illuminates the green/blue water of Huntington Beach, with some sandy color being churned up as the waves roll into the shallow areas, and plenty of crisp white foam action.

I'm also envisioning seeing the pier to the right. This is the side of the pier we were always building our sand sculptures on.

the start on a study of some waves for my next painting


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